As a creator, you might get some loyal fans who’d want to tip you for the great content you put out. While sharing your account information might be a way to get money from your fans, it can hurt your anonymity. Especially if you push out content with an alias. 

This is why you need a custom Creathor payment link. Creathor is a payment processing tool that provides digital creators with the resources to manage their products, tips and more. One of these resources is a payment/tip link. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how the payment link on Creathor works and how you can get yours in a few simple steps. 

How Does the Creathor Tip Link Work? 

A Creathor tip or payment link is a link for receiving tips and donations from your fans. You can create a custom link that doesn’t have to carry any of your personal information and share it anywhere online. 

The best part about getting a custom tip link on Creathor is that you get a centralized dashboard. Here, you can track incoming tips and who sent them, along with any personalized message that might come with it.

Once you’ve accumulated your tips, withdraw them directly to your local bank account without any hassle. On Creathor, you also don’t have to pay any fee to get a tip or payment link.

So basically, you can;

  • Receive money anonymously online
  • Crowdfund for a cause and make it easy for people to contribute
  • Track your creator earnings or tips from your fans across multiple channels
  • Keep your main bank account organized by getting one bulk payment after withdrawing your tips

All for free. 

Get a Creathor Payment and Tip Link in Five Steps

Ready to get your own custom payment link as a digital creator? Here’s how;

  • Login to your Creathor. If you don’t have one yet, you can create an account here
  • To create an account, you’d have to enter some of your personal information
create a creathor account
  • Once you’ve filled out your biodata, add your bank account – this is where you’d receive your tips whenever you process a withdrawal from your Creathor account
  • If you don’t have any tip or existing payment links, you’d get this prompt on the dashboard – tap on ‘Create tip link’
creathor dashboard
  • Fill out the popup form to customise your payment or tip link 
creating a creathor payment link

And that’s how to get your link. From here on, you can share this link with your followers and fans. Once they tap on it, they’d be able to tip you on Creathor and you can easily withdraw your tips directly to your bank account.

Get a payment link on Creathor for free.