Podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium for sharing information, entertainment, and ideas. There are currently over 5 million podcasts and 424 million podcast listeners which means standing out from the crowd can be challenging.

By discussing the right topics and using the right approach, you can attract new audiences and keep the current ones engaged. In this article, we will explore a couple of podcast ideas that can help boost your show and keep you inspired. 

Creative Podcast Ideas

Whether you’d like to expand your audience, explore new topics or generally just get inspired for your next show, here are 20 creative podcast ideas to help you scale. 

Podcast Ideas on Personal Development

People seek to improve their lives in various ways and that’s why they consume podcasts that centre around personal development. These types of shows offer a wealth of knowledge that can help individuals achieve their goals and become their best selves. 

It also provides an accessible and convenient way for individuals to learn from experts in the field, gain new insights, and incorporate them into their daily lives. Some of the ideas under this category include:

1. Mindfulness and meditation

This type of podcast helps listeners to connect with their inner selves, explore their feelings and understand their thoughts better. It features guided meditations, inspirational quotes, and expert interviews on topics like health, stress, sleep, exercise, anxiety, and so on. The intent of this is to help listeners reduce stress, boost confidence and improve their well-being.

To create a mindfulness and meditation podcast, you must have ideas that can solve the problems of your listeners. Think about your target audience and what podcast format you want to adopt. Do you want to guide listeners through a specific practice in each episode, or will you be interviewing experts? 

For example, 10% Happier is a mindfulness podcast hosted by Dan Harris. He helps in treating anxiety by giving his personal views and inviting guests who talk about their views and experiences which resonate well with the listeners.

2. Goal-setting and productivity

As the name implies, this is a type of podcast that provides insights, tips, and strategies for individuals who want to improve their productivity, pursue their goals and achieve success. It typically covers topics like time management, goal setting, motivation, focus, discipline, and so on. 

Before starting, you must define your goals, your audience, and what topics you want to cover. Listeners, love practical examples so you must be sure you have a solid knowledge of what you choose. Otherwise, you can leverage inviting guests to share their knowledge. 

Beyond the to-do list is a great example of a productivity podcast show and it’s hosted by Erik Fisher. He covers how to choose the right goals and tasks without getting unnecessarily overwhelmed. In one of his episodes, he invited a guest to talk about internal and external distractions that may affect a productive use of a scheduled to-do list.

3. Self-improvement and personal growth

A self-improvement podcast is a type of podcast that centres on the idea of helping listeners to improve their personal life.  The podcast content usually covers developing new skills, overcoming personal obstacles, relationship advice, career development, and making positive changes in behaviours or mindset.

To create a self-improvement and personal growth podcast, you must clarify the area of self-improvement you want to focus on. Determine your target audience, the problems they face, and the solution you can offer. Then, choose the format you want to adopt which could be solo episodes, Q&A sessions, guest speakers, or a combination of two or more.

Unlock your best self is a good example of a self-improvement podcast hosted by Rich Roll. Here, he invites influential leaders to speak on health, addiction, life coaching, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and so on.


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. The podcast series under this segment provides a diverse range of content for listeners to enjoy on the go or at home. It ranges from comedy to true crime, storytelling, and so on.

People listen to this type of podcast show because it allows listeners to unwind, relax and escape from life’s worries. Some of the ideas to explore under this niche are:

4. Movie and TV show reviews

This is a type of podcast where hosts discuss and review movies and TV shows whether individually or as a group. The podcast often focuses on the hosts’ opinions, analysis, and commentary on the content. At times, it also covers relevant news and information about the movie industry. 

This allows listeners to be informed about the latest movie and shows and be able to make their contributions. To create this type of podcast, you will have to study your audience to clarify the movies you want to be reviewing. Then, you’ll begin to watch movies not as a mere watcher but as a critic. You can now decide on a podcast format to utilize.

For instance, show me the meaning! Is a movie review podcast hosted by the Wisecrack crew. Here, they dive into the deeper meaning and cultural significance of the most iconic movies of the present age.

5. Pop culture discussions

This type of podcast discusses and analyses various aspects of modern popular culture such as music, celebrity news, movies, and many more. These podcast hosts help to reflect and connect their listeners to the latest cultural happenings in the world.

To create shows here, you must define the specific aspect of pop culture that you want to explore by considering your interest and that of your audience. After that, choose a podcast format ranging from interviews with guests, and solo episodes, to themed episodes. Can you do it alone or you will need a team member or a co-host? These are questions to be answered.

For instance, switched on the Pop hosted by Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding is an example of a pop culture podcast. Here, these cohosts explain pop songs by examining their historical and cultural context. Even if you are not a fan of the song they are covering, you will appreciate their creativity. 

6. Celebrity interviews

This is a type of podcast show where public and influential figures in society are interviewed. This exposes the listeners to know about the celebrity’s beginning, failures, and successes.

The way we are by Munroe Bergdorf is a celebrity interview podcast where she invites celebrities to uncover why they are the way they are.

7. True crime and mysteries

This podcast provides listeners with a deeper understanding of the darker side of human behaviour and the criminal justice system. Typically, it explores real-life criminal cases and unresolved mysteries. It covers a wide range of topics including murder, serial killers, disappearances, and other types of crimes.

To create a podcast on this subject, you must choose a specific case that you want to talk about. Is it historical cases, mysteries, or the psychology of criminals? Make a thorough research on the topic and plan out your podcast episodes.

My Favorite Murder is a true crime podcast that infuses some comedy into its stories while explaining the horrific events of each episode. This is meant to keep the listeners actively engaged.

8. Relationships 

A relationship podcast focuses on discussing various aspects of relationships, including romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, parenting, and so on. It often features experts in the field of psychology, counselling, and relationship coaching.

The topic covered here can range from communication and conflict resolution to intimacy and trust-building. To start a relationship podcast, you will need to have a clear idea of what you want to cover and the target audience you want to reach. After this, you can start reaching out to potential guests you want to feature on your show.

Where should we begin? by Esther Perel is a relationship podcast show where she invites a different couple in each episode. Here, she asks them to share the details of their troubled relationship so other listeners can learn from them.


The human mind is always curious to learn and acquire more knowledge. This is one of the reasons why people visit podcast sites to gain new knowledge in one field or the other. Educational podcasts teach listeners to become better in terms of academic pursuit and discover solid knowledge of something new.

This is typically suitable for students that encounter difficulty in reading texts. Some of the podcast ideas in this category include;

9. History and Culture

This podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the rise and fall of ancient empires to the evolution of popular music. Some cover historical events such as the American civil war, while others explore broader cultural trends and movements, such as the development of modern art and so on.

To create this, choose a specific topic, make research from verified sources, and create a script where you can compile the details as a summary. Decide on the format to use and create a compelling narrative that will interest your audience.

The Ancients is a good podcast for all fans of ancient history. The show covers all the basics, from the politics and warfare of ancient civilizations to art, culture, and everyday life. 

10. Science and technology

Science and technology podcasts educate listeners on science-related topics, subjects, and discoveries. To do this, podcasters explore scientific research and technological innovations. While some podcasters focus on a specific scientific field, others explore broader topics such as the impact of technology on society.

If you are interested in creating a science and technology podcast, you must feed your brain with books and information that centres around what you want to specialize in. If you can’t, it’s best to invite guest speakers that are knowledgeable in this field to help you out.

Radiolab is a good science and technology show that illuminates the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.

11. Politics and current events

This type of podcast focuses on local and national elections, international affairs, and global trends. Listeners benefit from this by getting aware of the affairs of the country and even beyond which helps to solve geographical barriers.

When creating a politics and current event podcast, it is important to maintain a balanced and unbiased perspective. Try to present multiple viewpoints and provide context for the stories you cover. Additionally, you can invite experts and commentators across the political spectrum to share their perspectives too.

For instance, the daily is a 20 minutes podcast show hosted by Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise. Here, they put out great and insightful content with a political eye across the globe, every single weekday. 


This is the type of podcast where people listen to gain knowledge and insights on topics related to their business, brand, or industry. Though, others also listen to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the business world.

It allows listeners to learn from top influencers in the business world and how they can emulate them to become successful in their personal businesses. Here are a few podcast ideas you can explore here;

12. Entrepreneurship and startups

In this type of podcast, listeners are exposed to business ideas that they can venture into and how and what to do to become successful in it. The host covers topics related to starting, building, and growing a new business. The intent of this is to encourage listeners on the need to persevere irrespective of the difficulties encountered in their business. 

To create entrepreneurship and startup podcasts, you must be ready to invite guests for interviews where they can share their experiences, insights, and possible strategies for success. You can also decide to make research on top business owners by documenting their successes and days of failed startups. Then, you can share it on your podcast show for the listeners to learn from.

For instance, StartUp by Gimlet Media is a business podcast that was created when the founders started their company and learned what it takes to become entrepreneurs. 

13. Marketing and branding 

This podcast focuses on teaching and educating listeners about how to start a business and build up a reliable brand. Here, the host shares some credible tips that can help the listeners and also invite brand owners to share their experiences.

The product marketing show by product marketing alliance is a good example of a marketing podcast for those who want to go into business.

14. Career development and job search tips

Podcasts in this category cover finding and securing employment, advancing your career, and navigating the job market. It features themes like resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies, interview preparation, career development, personal branding, and many more. Listeners tune in here to know how to advance their careers and achieve their professional goals.

Career Warrior is a 30-40 minute podcast episode where job seekers can find motivation and tips from the real-life experiences of career coaches and professionals. 


Lifestyle podcast provides listeners with engaging and informative content that helps them live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. It centres on topics related to personal interests, hobbies, and passions. Some lifestyle podcast ideas include;

15. Health and wellness

In this podcast type, listeners benefit by practically learning some beneficial and harmful things that are dangerous to their health. The host alone and some health experts discuss topics related to physical and mental health, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and so on.

Before starting this, make sure you are knowledgeable enough about the aspect you want to focus on. This is to avoid cases where you run out of ideas and do not know what to talk about anymore. 

Huberman Lab is a podcast show hosted by Dr. Huberman who is a professor in neurobiology. In each of his shows, he breaks down the functions of the brain by breaking it into digestible content for the listeners to learn.

16. Travel and adventure

This is a type of podcast where people get to learn about beautiful and historical places across different geographical locations. The hosts usually talk about travel destinations worldwide and tips on how to plan and prepare for your adventure. 

If you want to create podcast content that revolves around travel, you must learn to visit new places or places that your audience wishes to know. On visit, write documentation scripts that help them have a picture of how the place looks and what to expect if they finally decide to visit such places. You can also decide to invite travel bloggers to your show where you can interview them about beautiful places they have once visited.

For example, Flight of Fancy is a 30-minute podcast show where the host interviews travel professionals on topics like a terrifying border crossing, clichéd travel experiences, and so on.

17. Food and cooking

The listeners here benefit by learning some basic steps and kitchen hacks to cook some of their favourite dishes. The host typically covers topics on food, cooking, and culinary culture. It features recipes, cooking techniques, food history, restaurant reviews, and interviews with chefs and food experts.

If you cook so well, you can decide to start your podcast show on cooking. Otherwise, you can invite chefs, bakers, and so on, to teach and share their knowledge on how to cook a sumptuous meal.

For instance, the splendid table hosted by Francis Lam is a cooking podcast show. The host talks about the topic of food as it intersects with culture, history, sustainability, and so on.


There are lots of people who are passionate sports fans and always want to stay updated about the latest sports news, scores, and analysis related to their favourite teams and athletes. Creating a sport-based podcast will be a good way to attract massive sports fans. Some of the podcast ideas under this category include:

18. Fantasy sports analysis

Fantasy sports are games played using the internet. Here, participants assemble virtual teams composed of proxies of real players of a professional sport. They compete against each other based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games.

Therefore, fantasy sport analysis podcasts provide insights and advice for fantasy sports players including play rankings, injury updates, and matchup analysis. It is very useful for passionate players about gaining a competitive edge in their leagues.

For example, the Audible is a renowned sports fantasy podcast that is often hosted by Ceci Lammey and some of the biggest experts in the game. They come together for talks, interviews, advice pieces, and more. 

19. Athlete interviews

This type of podcast allows listeners to gain insights into the lives and careers of professional athletes. The interview usually features the athlete’s training regimen, their thoughts and experiences on their sports, their personal life, and their future goals.

All you are required to do here is, invite players of different sports to your podcast show where you ask those questions that your audience is curious to know about them. The Athletes podcast by David Stark is a good example. 

20. Sports news and analysis

In this category, the host updates the audience about the latest news on sports and analyzes the goals, the teams, and the athlete involved. Here, Sports fans get to know about what’s happening in the sports world without having to watch it. The pick 6 podcast is a great example of a sports news analysis podcast.

Bottom line

The ideas we’ve discussed consist of different podcast ideas that you can create if you are passionate about a topic. However, it is important to stick to a niche and focus on a specific topic to build a loyal audience

By conducting thorough research, writing compelling scripts, and using high-quality recording and editing tools, you can create a professional and engaging podcast that will keep your listeners engaged. Read this again and start your podcast today!