Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms every creator should leverage for a larger audience and increased engagement. Interestingly, Instagram now has a richer user experience that allows you to connect more with your target audience, control your online presence and understand your brand’s growth as a content creator.

However, this is only possible when you create an Instagram creator’s account. In this article, we’ll explain why using the creator’s account will be more beneficial to your brand and how you can get started.

What is a Creator Instagram Account?

An Instagram creator’s account is a professional account that is specifically meant for creators who make their living through creating and sharing content online. This includes influencers, content producers, artists, public figures and people who are looking to monetize their personal brand.

Benefits of Having an Instagram Creator Account

Still, thinking about going ahead with your regular Instagram account? Here’s why you need to get a creator account on Instagram.

A. Instagram creator insights: Instagram creator’s account gives more insights compared to the personal account. It also gives you a daily in-depth analysis of your followers’ growth and losses recorded.

This helps you to determine whether or not your social media marketing works well. Also, it helps you to optimize your content, posting frequency, and time for better engagement from followers.

B. DM filters: You can better streamline the influx of messages you get. There are the Primary, General and Requests filtering options. This way, you can separate requests from friends, and fans.

C. Access to the Creator Studio dashboard: Creator studio is an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to view your Facebook and Instagram creator analytics. 

This means you will be able to access your metrics for the last seven days not only on your phone but on your desktop too. Nevertheless, you cannot schedule posts on creator studio. You can only view your Instagram and Facebook analytics.

D. The option to monetize your content: using the creator account helps you monetize your content through branded partnerships and sponsored posts. 

You can easily add links to the product you want to advertise on your feed. This will allow your followers to message the brand store directly without having to come into your dm.

Although it is not yet available for everyone, it will be safer when you create one because you might be lucky and it will help to increase sales for your branded partners.

E. The ability to use Instagram’s Creator fund: provides financial support for eligible creators. You can get extra income through in-stream video Ads bonuses and live bonuses which are only for those that meet the requirements. 

You must be 18yr-old, have a creator account, accept the Instagram partner monetization policies and your account has to comply with community guidelines.

How to Set Up an Instagram Creator Account

Ready to set up your own Instagram account? Use the steps below to get started.

1. Download the Instagram App

To have access to an Instagram account, you have to first download the App on Google Play or the iOS App store. Click on the search icon on Google Play Store, type Instagram, and click install. Once, the app has been installed, open it to get started.

2. Sign Up with an Email or PhoneNumber

Click ‘create a new account’ and sign up with either your Email address or phone number. Insert your name and intended password, then click “Sign up”. 

Make sure that you use a functioning email address that only you can access to sign up because if you log out and happen to forget your password, you will need your email to be able to access your account back.

signup on instagram

3. Switch to Creator Account

After creating your profile, it is time to explore as a creator. Go to the top right of your profile, click on the last tool, and it will display various options.

switch to Instagram creator account

Click on settings, then it brings out other options. Among the options click Account.

Then scroll down to the bottom where you will see switch to professional mode. Click on it and it directs you to some info.

switch to professional instagram creator account

4. Choose a Category

Read the info and keep selecting continue. Once you finish reading the information, it directs you to choose a category that best describes you.

Instagram creator account categories

You must consider the best choice for yourself because you can only select one option. If what describes you best is not on the list, click on the search button to search for it.

After selecting one, it displays an icon on whether to display on your profile or not. You can choose to turn it on or off. 

display on the profile

Also, it asks you to select between creator or Business. Choose creator and Next.

instagram creator account

5. Fill Out Your Bio

After selecting between creator or business, it displays options about your profile. This is because you might want to make some corrections to your info. Click on complete your profile

complete IG Account profile

then you can change your Name, username, and Bio

add instagram names

We recommend that you write a short bio on what you represent and other things you do that will benefit your followers.

6. Add relevant links to your bio

Although this is optional, it is beneficial to your brand as a creator. This is because it helps your followers to visit your other social media handles to keep up with your content. You can also add a Creathor tip link to get money from fans that love your content.

Add links to instagram bio

After filling out your Bio, click on Add link to insert the links to each of your social media handles.

7. Add a Profile Picture

What a simple but professional picture does to your brand cannot be overemphasized. With just your picture, you can attract massive numbers of followers because they will be convinced that you are serious about what you do.

So, as a creator, you need to get a clear picture of yourself. Then, under complete your profile, click Add profile photo or Change profile photo if you have an existing one.

Complete IG profile photo

Select whether you want to use pictures from your Gallery or you want to import them from Facebook.

Change profile photo IG

8. Start Posting as a Creator

Now that you are done setting up your creator account, you can start exploring other creator pages for inspiration. We recommend boosting your visibility on Instagram by posting your content and inviting people to follow your page.


As a creator, whether you are a videographer, artist, influencer or beauty blogger, the Instagram creator account has a lot to offer you. Since it’s designed specifically for creators, we hope that you can use it to boost your brand. Start by switching to a creator account on Instagram with this guide.

Also, if you’re looking for how to start monetizing your content, Creathor is a platform designed to help African creators monetize their craft. Sign up for free to get tips or sell your products online.