Are you an upcoming food creator? Whether it’s launching your own food blog, reviewing restaurants, or making other food-related content, you need inspiration. Luckily, there are many Nigerian food creators who have dedicated their page to building content around food. 

So much so that even when you find it difficult to prepare a particular meal they are your go-to channel. In this article, we’ll show you some of the top Nigerian food creators you can follow to get food inspiration and enhance your cooking skills. They will also help guide you into becoming the next top food creator in Nigeria.

The Best Nigerian Food Creators You Should Follow Today 

Ready to sharpen your food content? Amongst all the popular Nigerian food bloggers available on social media platforms, these 10 are those you should look out for. These creators have established their authority in the food space and they have a significant following on Instagram and Youtube.

1. Arewa Foodie

Instagram: @Chef.maah 

YouTube: @chef maah

Arewa Foodie creator

Chef.maah is a Katsina-based food blogger that influences lives with her various cooking prowess. According to her, there are many things she just loves about Nigerian food photography, creating, and connecting with people.

She learned cooking from her Aunt and she has been able to monetize her cooking skills when she realized that the cooking industry is diverse and full of opportunities. She currently has 156k followers on Instagram and 16.9k YouTube subscribers. You should check her out.

2. Sisi Yemmie



Sisi Yemmie food creator

Yemmie Sophie Odusanya is a 39-year-old food and lifestyle blogger. She shares Nigerian food recipes that can be replicated based on her experiment in the kitchen. Apart from that, she shares content on lifestyle, relationships, and parenting. She has won several awards like ELOY Awards and City people entertainment awards. She has over 891k subscribers on her Youtube channel.

3. Daniel Ochuko

Instagram: @danielochuko_

Youtube: @danielochuko 

Daniel Ochuko food creator

Daniel Ochuko is a Nigeria-based male food blogger that has over 10k active subscribers on YouTube. According to him, he started food blogging when he realized not a lot of men are into this type of content creation. 

He shares modern cuisine recipes that can easily be prepared by anyone. You can learn from him by following him to get notified about his videos.  He has reached 123k viewers on his Instagram handle.

4. Fabulous Nosh

Instagram: @fabulous_nosh_and_recipes

Youtube: @fabulous nosh and recipes

Fabulous Nosh

This is a Jos-based food blogger that prepares seasonal Indian cuisines, plant-based recipes, region-based recipes, and globally inspired food recipes. According to her, she hopes their blog will be an inspiration to cook your healthy and delicious meal in the comfort of your home. She has over 143k followers on IG and 1.79k subscribers on YouTube.

5. Opeyemi Famakin

Instagram: @opeyemifamakin

Youtube: @opeyemi Famakin 

Opeyemi Famakin food critic

Opeyemi Famakin A.K.A “Commissioner of enjoyment” is a Nigerian food critic, content strategist, and food journalist with over 177k IG followers. 

He is popular for his continuous reviews of different restaurants meals and drinks outlets. His love for food stirs from his family’s belief that not only females are meant for the kitchen and also because they travel a lot to get food.

According to him, he wishes Nigerian chefs would cook more Nigerian dishes so that they can appear on the food maps rather than foreign Italian dishes. He has reached 177k followers on IG and 485 YouTube subscribers.

6. Tspice Kitchen 

Instagram: @Tspices_kitchen

Youtube: @Tspices kitchen

Tspice Kitchen food creator

Toyin Samuel popularly known as Tspices is a food creator, entrepreneur, recipe developer, author, and food stylist. According to her, she started this when she realized she loves to eat but couldn’t prepare most meals except basics like rice, noodles, yam, and so on.

After the first two attempts, she liked the result and started showing it on her status. People encouraged her to advance to a bigger platform and she did. Presently, she has over 289k followers on IG and 33.8k YouTube subscribers. You should also follow her to get better at cooking.

7. Velvety foodies

Instagram: @velvetyfoodies 

YouTube: @Velvety foodies 

Velvety foodies

Velvety foodies is a food and, lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who was formerly a beauty content creator. According to her, she started cooking as a side hustle after her Nysc because she derives joy from it based on the training she received from her grandmother, not to buy food from outside.

She believes that cooking is not time-wasting as this can be settled by preparing your ingredients beforehand so that all you have to do is stir and cook. She has over 267k IG followers and 9.41k active YouTube subscribers.

8. SisiJemimah 

Instagram: @sisi_jemimah 

YouTube: @sisi jemimah’s recipes

SisiJemimah food creator

Jemima Adebiyi is one of the most popular Nigerian food Instagrammers. She also has a Youtube channel where she shares all her food tutorials and recipes. Apart from sharing Nigerian food recipes from her experiments in the kitchen, she also talks about parenting and relationships. 

She has gotten several awards including the Blogger of the Year at City people entertainment award. She has over 404k followers on her Instagram handle and 666k YouTube subscribers.

9. Chef Lola’s Kitchen 

Instagram: @cheflola’skitchen

YouTube: @chef Lola’s kitchen 

Chef Lola's Kitchen

Chef Lola is a Nigerian-based food lover and food writer that has lots of written recipes that you can read and learn from.

She believes that restaurant food does not have to be complicated as her recipes can help you recreate many of those meals you buy at the restaurant thereby saving you the cost. She has over 23.2k IG followers and 213k active YouTube subscribers.

10. Dobby’s signature

Instagram: @dobbyssignature 

YouTube: @Dobby’s signature Tv 

Dobby's signature food creator

Adaobi Okonkwo popularly known as Dobby’s Signature is a Nigerian culinary and lifestyle-based blogger that shows her experiments in the kitchen using traditional and continental food recipes and flavours.  She places much emphasis on photography, diversity, vibrant colours, and health benefits. She has over 6.27k YouTube subscribers and 432k IG followers.

With these food creators, not knowing what and how to cook is impossible because you’ll get to see amazing and irresistible meals that you would love to try out. Follow them and enjoy your food creation journey. 

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