If you’re an upcoming Nigerian content creator looking for mentors or a business owner looking to employ the services of influencers, you’d know that there are certain content creators that just stand out.

These creators have amassed a large following and consistently put out top-notch content that has gotten them awards in the entertainment industry.

In the past years, some of these creators were Crazeclown, Twyse for comedy and Jackie Aina for lifestyle. However, with time, we’ve seen more creators come into the spotlight and grow at exponential rates. 

Are you curious to know some of the current top content creators in Nigeria? Keep reading as we outline these creators across multiple social media platforms in this post.

Top Nigerian Content Creators on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most lucrative platforms for content creators. This is because as a partner, you can monetize your youtube videos. Here are some of the creators who’ve made the most of this platform;

1. Dimma Umeh 

Dimma is an award-winning blogger and vlogger living in Lagos, Nigeria. She’s one of the first Nigerian YouTube content creators. Her content focuses more on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. 

She is well known for her makeup tutorials on Youtube and has been featured in different publications like Genevieve magazine, Guardian life, Essence magazine, and many more. 

Currently, she has over 465k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

2. Tayo Aina 

Tayo is a photographer, filmmaker, and storyteller. His content niche is in travel, lifestyle, business, and real estate.


He conceived the idea of content creation during his undergraduate days and started by taking pictures of places in Lagos using his phone as a tool.

Tayo travels across Africa to get content that enhances his channel and in 2022, he has over 500k followers on his Youtube channel. He also received the 2022 Future Award Africa Prize for content creation.

3. SisiYemmie 

Yemisi Odusanya is a food creator who shares food recipes that are created from her experiments in the kitchen. 

Her channel centres on Food, Lifestyle, relationships, and parenting. She also gives viewers ideas on where and what to eat for those who reside in Lagos.

In addition, she talks about the experience of being a mum and managing career. She has over 850k subscribers on her channel.

4. KaganTech

Kagan’s YouTube channel has over 25k followers where he talks about technology, filmmaking, and everything that revolves around it. 

One thing that differentiates his channel from other tech content creators is that nothing about his channel seems Nigerian, he infused some foreign vibe into his works.

Apart from smartphone reviews, he also does that of other gadgets like mechanical keyboards, digital cameras, and microphones adding some form of comparison.

5. Fisayo Fosudo 

Fisayo owns one of the most popular tech YouTube channels with over 410k subscribers. 

He’s popularly known for his tagline “Foda Ado” which is a stylish way of “Further ado”. He uses this slang very often in his videos.

He creates videos about technology and in conjunction, he also uploads a special video tagged ” Finance Friday” where he educates viewers about investment, savings, trading, Crypto, and many more.

6. Real OGB Recent 

Michael Charles is a 25-year-old from Delta state. He’s a comedian, Master of ceremony (MC), Singer, and a famous social media content creator popularly known for his slang “Cultist boy, you wan collect?”

He started acting after realizing he could make a career from his talent. He’s unique because he infused the character of a cultist in most of his works.

The 30BG anthem drew Davido’s attention to him and eventually hung out with him. He has grown over 360k subscribers on his YouTube channel and was recognized as the number one Nigerian content creator for the year 2022.

7. Neptune 3 studios 

Neptune is a media company founded by three talented sisters (Jemima, Jesimel, and Jeiel Damina). Their success on social media is based on their popularly viewed movie titled “Best friend in the world”.

Their work centres on teenagers and young folk dealing with challenges like academics, adolescent relationships, and keeping up with family.

Currently, they have about 1.23 million subscribers on their channel and were recognized as the third top Nigerian content creators in 2022.

Top Nigerian Content Creators on Instagram

Instagram is no longer considered to be a photo-sharing app alone. With the introduction of IG reels and TV, creators can now add video content and reach thousands of people who may not even follow them.

A ton of these creators are making a ton of money as either brand influencers or just for paid partnerships. Some of these creators include;

1. Tolani Alli 

Tolani is a global award-winning storyteller, and the official photographer of the vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo. 

In one of her interview with Netflix on the documentary titled “Strong Black Lens”, she stated that she wants to be known as an authentic photographer whose images and stories projects hope to the society.

She has more than 84k followers on her IG handle.

2. Oga Sabinus

Sabinus whose real name is  Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru, is a comedian and Master of ceremony. His career as a comedian began in 2015 when he started uploading short comedy skits on his Instagram page.  

He won an award for the best online content creator in 2019 and AMVCA award for the best online creator in 2022 and currently has over 190k followers on Instagram.

3. Taaoma

Maryam Apaokagi popularly known as Taaoma, is a 23-year-old comedian, cinematographer, and social media influencer. She studied Tourism and travel management at Kwara state university, Ilorin.


Taaoma is the CEO and founder of Chop Tao, a food company, and directs for the Greenade company, a cinematography firm. She is popular for her hilarious content and ability to act in multiple roles in her skits.

Taaoma has won multiple awards like Nigeria’s 25 under 25 awards and the JCI TOYP award. She has over 4 million followers on her Instagram handle.

4. Maraji

Gloria Oloruntoba is a 25-year-old Nigerian comedian, Filmmaker, and actress that started her career by making lip-sync videos and mimicking songs.

She was nominated for Prize for comedy in 2017 and the Future Awards Africa in 2018. Maraji is known for switching accents and pitches in her skits to describe each character she plays.

She has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

5. Sisi Jemimah

Jemima Adebiyi is one of the most popular food and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Apart from sharing food recipes from her experiments in the kitchen, she also talks about parenting and relationship.

She has won several awards including the blogger of the year at City people entertainment award. She has over 400k followers on her Instagram handle. You can also check her out on YouTube at Sisi Jemimah’s recipes.

6. Alma Asinobi 

Alma is a Nigerian travel creator that travels to visit different parts of the world within and outside Nigeria.

She also educates fellow Nigerians on how to travel with their green passports. One of her posts titled “Countries you can visit Visa-free or Visa-on with your Nigeria passport” has more than 9k likes. 

She has over 40k followers on her IG handle.

7. Anita Adetoye 

Anita is the face behind the famous makeup brand tagged Anitabrows and hairessencebyAnitabrows which deals with hair repairs and treatments, wig laundry, and sew-ins. 

She’s the founder of AB skin store,  an online skincare store that sells skincare products. She was awarded by Forbes 30 under 30 list for her prominence in the beauty industry.

Currently, she has reached 113k followers on her Instagram handle.

Top Nigerian Content Creators on Tiktok

Many people see TikTok as a platform for dance and lip-sync videos but many creators are building their following and brand here. In fact, a lot of these creators have been able to monetize their content on Tiktok.  Some of these creators are; 


Penking is a medical doctor, creative writer, and Novelist that focuses on medical and sexual awareness for everyone. He has more than 197k followers and 2 million likes on Tiktok. 

2. Beeautygoddess 

Merry is a 21-year-old model, content creator, fashion star, and ambassador. Her real name is John merry, and her outstanding beauty makes her popular amongst her fans. 

Merry specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She uploads short videos of her beautiful self and she has been able to promote song artists on her handle. She has more than 3 million followers on Tiktok.

3. Brodashaggi 

Brodashaggi is a Nigerian comedian, actor, songwriter, and musician. He took interest in acting drama as influenced by his late father who was a drama teacher.


Brodashaggi is popular for his satirical plays which makes him unique. He has won several awards like The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize for comedy. 

He has recorded over 3 million followers on Tiktok.

4. Twinzlove 

Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji are 22-year-old twins and graduates of Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU). They are fast-rising skit makers, brand influencers, entrepreneurs, and content creators. 

Their work centres around pranks especially on their mother, and dancing to trending songs. Asides from creating hilarious content, they are makeup artists and brand influencers for skincare brands like Rixari skincare and spa. They have over 2 million Tiktok followers.

5. Mark Kacy 

Mark is an anonymous award-winning animator which has made him so popular with over 4 million followers on Tiktok.

His animation content is funny, relatable, and interesting as he infuses audio extracts into his works. He has also produced a lot of meme content and one of his videos has over 10 million views alone

6. KennysKitchen 

Kenny is a food content creator that makes varieties of dishes including local and intercontinental on her TikTok handle. She has reached over 57k followers and 147k likes on Tiktok.

Although there are varieties of content creators, the list of creators above consists of personalities who have distinguished themselves by building influence and consistently dishing out valuable content. We recommend following them to get inspired as a Nigerian content creator.