There are more than 12 million online stores in the world today. This means that, if you have an online store, you need to invest time and create a strategy to drive traffic to it. Building your store on Creathor is just the beginning of your journey. 

That’s why in this post, we’ll be sharing some strategies on how you can boost your sales by sending intentional traffic to your online store. Keep reading to see how.

Five Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Creathor Store 

There are many tips and tricks to get more people to check out your product on Creathor. However, if you’d like to get a high volume of prospective shoppers to your store, here are five strategies that just work;

1. Run a giveaway or discount 

Perhaps the oldest trick in the book, discounts have a way of making your audience feel that you are giving them something valuable at little or no cost. Once it’s a limited offer, they wouldn’t want to miss out on it too. 

However, you can’t just run a discount sale without direction. Don’t just do giveaways for the sake of it. Make it a well-thought-out plan with goals – in this case, web store traffic.

You want to reduce the price of your goods in a way that it’s still lucrative. So maybe don’t do an 80% off sale? We recommend anywhere between a 10-30% discount. 

Also, make sure they actually make a purchase before they get this discount. Many creators make the mistake of giving out discounts once they signup to your store or refer a friend. While this works, your goal here is to get as many paying customers as possible. So once they make a purchase, it’s a win-win for both parties. 

For giveaways, your giveaway prize must be worthwhile for people to stop by. Decide on the platform where you want to host the giveaway. It should be on a platform where you get the most engagements/audience.

Whatever you may decide to give as the giveaway offer – whether it’s a cash prize or your product- to get it, make sure there are certain requirements to be made. You can ask them to follow your page or share your store on their personal profile. 

After that has been done, you can move ahead by creating a professional flier that publicizes the giveaway or discount and then promote it on your social media platforms.

2. Promote your popular products 

Out of all the products you have sold or you’re currently selling, there’s always a particular one that has the most purchases and reviews. You can use this product as a tool to increase traffic to your online store. For one, it means that your audience likes it and so, more people in this demographic would find it useful. 

So promote it. You can do this by either adding a link to your Creathor store as a whole or a link to a particular product on your bio. This way, when people visit your page, it’ll be one of the first things they see. They can then click on it, and choose the one they are interested in. 

You can use social media by posting about your new products. Another good idea to adopt is email marketing and this can be done by sending the link to relevant products you think your subscribers will want to purchase. You can even send coupons if you’re unsure of what they’d be interested in purchasing.  

3. Embed your store on your website 

As a creator, there’s a tendency that visitors will visit your website if you have one. If you get a lot of web visits, we recommend embedding your Creathor store into it. Because think about it – would you want them to go through the stress of sending a message rather than just finding it on your website?

That’s why you need to add the link to your online store on your website so that whenever visitors find their way there, they can be able to access your products. 

4. Run promotional ads 

With the rise in the users of social media, it is important to make sure your business is active on various platforms where your target audience can get to see your products and in turn, make conversions. To do this, you must adopt social media advertising which helps to increase your brand awareness.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, you can use Youtube ads because it is the second most popular online search engine. This means when people search for some keywords on Google, there’s a tendency that your YouTube ads will get displayed as one of the search results.

Although conversions may not be made immediately, you are gradually increasing your brand awareness by making your product stay fresh in people’s minds who may later become potential customers.

5. Collaborate with other creators 

Reaching out to influencers or top content creators is also another way to increase traffic to your store. This is because these Creators and influencers are people who have built authority in their industry. You can tell from their active followers who are always looking out for their posts and what they have to offer them daily.

This means that these creators and influencers indirectly guide their followers on what is best for them. That’s why this strategic partnership entails networking with a creator so they introduce your product to their followers. 

Start by researching the creators who fit into your brand and have the same target audience you want to reach. You can also try asking some of your recent customers for recommendations on whom they follow and look out to for inspiration. 

The responses you get will give you an idea of whom to start with. For instance, if you sell eBooks on food recipes, the best choice of influencers to go for will be food bloggers. 

After choosing the best influencer, reach out to them to work out this partnership, show them some free samples, and remember to give a favourable discount for their followers if you can.

Finally, make sure you have an active account that the influencer can tag on with when making a post about your product, and try to respond to questions from those who show interest in making a purchase.


Unless you try, you won’t know which of these strategies works best. Although not all may work for you based on your niche and how you implement it, we are sure most of these will drive traffic to your online store when you do it right.  Don’t have an online store yet? Create yours for free with Creathor so you can sell your eBooks and other digital products easily.