53% of people in the world plan to celebrate valentine’s day. Interestingly, 28% of the people who don’t plan to celebrate, still want to do something nice for themselves. So, valentine’s is here to stay. 

As a content creator, it’s an excellent season to gain new followers and increase engagement across your channels. If you also sell a digital product, it might just mean more sales. And let’s be honest, people are expecting to see holiday-themed content across their socials. 

That’s why in this post, we’ll be outlining ten valentine’s content ideas to inspire you this season. You can use them when building out your February social media calendar for Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and more.

Valentine’s Content Ideas for Your Social Media Channels

Thinking about what to post in February, especially on the day of love? We’ve compiled multiple valentine’s content ideas for social media channels.

Remember, your posts have to be relevant to your niche and brand. So keep this in mind when choosing a content idea to run with.

1. Create gift guides

Have you curated guides in the past? Whatever the answer might be, this is one idea you should explore. You see, it’s a season of giving. So in addition to booking date ideas, people want to get something nice for their loved ones. That’s why a gift guide is extremely useful. 

Compile gifts across multiple categories and stores. For example – 20 Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend, fiance, husband, father etc. You could either create a video, carousel post or blog post. In fact, you could even create a board on your Pinterest account.

This is also a great opportunity to get earnings as an affiliate. So when compiling this list, be sure to include your referral or affiliate links to make a little extra while at it. 

Pro Tips

  • Use the Instagram guide feature to outline your list
  • Always include a last-minute guide for the late shoppers

2. Create a valentine-themed video podcast 

This is more suitable if you have a Youtube channel. Here, you can invite some friends over and discuss any valentine’s topic closest to your niche. For example, if you’re a lifestyle vlogger, you could all talk about your best or worst valentine’s date. 

Of course, it’ll be entirely different if you run an educational channel. Here, you could talk about the history of this holiday. 

Whatever you choose to talk about, create a high-resolution video and repurpose it. So if you choose to upload the audio version to Spotify for example, you could also take short clips and repurpose them for Tiktok or IG Reels. 

Pro Tips

  • Keep the episode under 20 minutes so you have their attention all through
  • Plan for the episode – find a topic and ensure your speakers stick to the boundaries of this topic

3. Run a valentines day promo or discount

Do you have an online store? Or perhaps you’re looking to create your own digital product like an eBook, infographic or style guide. Whatever product or resource you have, now’s a great time to promote it online. 

You can even take it up a notch by offering a limited discount or sales price to create the fear of missing out. Your followers would be more inclined to purchase when they feel like they are getting a deal. 

valentine's promo content idea

We recommend setting up your store in order first. If you don’t have one yet, you can create a shop on Creathor for free. Once you do, upload your product and show the discounted price. 

Thankfully, Creathor also automates the process so orders are automatically processed and you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account. 

Pro Tips

  • Test with figures and percentages like N500 off or 20% off to see which one works better for your audience
  • Ensure your discount is actually limited so your product doesn’t lose its appeal

4. Collaborate with another creator

People generally love to see their faves coming together. It’s why brands take partnerships seriously. Asides from it being fun, you can get more followers, customers and boost your engagement rates. You’re also sure to get more visibility when there are two of you putting out the same content.

So for this season, you could partner with a creator in a niche that’s a bit similar to yours. Make a list of partners you’d want to work with and reach out to them. You both can then decide on the content direction that’ll work best for you. 

For example, if you’re a travel creator, you could partner up with a beauty creator to create a video that addresses beauty or style hacks in different destinations.

Pro Tips

  • Ensure you both have a creative brief that outlines the scope of your partnership
  • Have actual deadlines and share tasks that’ll get you there

5. Curate date ideas and similar guides

Earlier on, we talked about the importance of gifts right? Well, so are dates. Sadly because of how crowded valentine’s evenings can get, restaurant reservations can become a herculean task. So, this is where you shine. 

You can start by curating a list of unpopular romantic restaurants and sharing it with your followers. Think about other alternative date ideas like sailing, bowling, gaming events and more. There are also unconventional date ideas for people who love to be daring.

When making this guide, remember to always prioritize your major demographic. So if you have a lot of teenagers as followers, a romantic getaway might not be an appropriate suggestion to include in your guide. 

Pro Tips

  • Always add locations or links to your guides
  • To make it more trustworthy, you can explore and then leave an honest review based on your experience

6. Get user-generated content (UGC)

Popular brands like Apple and Dove have run multiple campaigns in a bid to get user-generated content. And the reason is that 79% of customers say that UGC influences their purchasing decisions. 

As a content creator, you’d need to influence purchasing behaviour and nudge your followers into sharing content you can also repurpose. 

For example, you can have an insta story Q and A. Respond to the questions you find interesting and encourage users to leave more.  

Another way to do this is by encouraging your followers to hop on a challenge or trend. You can ask them to tag you in it while you also repost it. 

Ask your followers what they think about a specific valentine’s trend or a product they’d recommend. Over time, you can review these products and refer back to the recommendations. 

Pro Tips

  • When requesting for a challenge, keep it simple so it’s easier to join in
  • Don’t forget to engage with your fans who are participating to encourage them and motivate others to participate

7. Run high-engagement campaigns

Quite similar to UGC, high-engagement campaigns only have one purpose – to get the numbers. So this valentine’s content idea is focused on getting you the engagement. 

You can make your audience feel like they are part of a club. For example, if you’re a movie reviewer, you could pick out a teary-eyed love movie like ‘Me Before You’ and sort of review it from a different perspective.

If you’re doing this on a Tiktok video, ask your viewers to respond if they have an alternative perspective.  This will give your account more views and visibility. On Twitter, it could be you creating a fun thread or a poll.

Pro Tips

  • Hop on trending topics so you can benefit from the traction it’s already getting
  • Focus on one platform at a time

8. Don’t forget the singles

A lot of time, creators often spend valentine’s coming up with inspiration for couples. However, there’s so much you can also gain from being more inclusive. Many people do not have a partner to share the day with and so you can create ideas on how they can enjoy the day alone.

For example, if you run a self-love campaign, you’ll resonate with single people who can relate to not having a valentine. As a food creator, it could be making a home-cooked meal. As a fitness creator, you could create a fitness plan or even suggest a spa day.

Pro Tips

  • Try to be humorous but sensitive still – you don’t want to make them feel worse
  • Focus on the perks of being single during this period, for example, they’ll meet their savings goal faster if they don’t spend on an expensive gift

9. Stick to your calendar and sprinkle a little love

Frankly, you don’t need to come up with an entirely new content plan. You can still post your regular content and add a few love themes in between. This helps you maintain your aesthetic. 

So one way to do this is by creating a post with love quotes in your brand colours. Alternatively, you could tweak these quotes and repurpose them as captions. Another idea is to use valentine’s hashtags or generally insert more valentine’s colours into your brand mix like red or pink. 

This is especially effective if you have your own product.

Pro Tips

  • Conduct ample research to get top-performing hashtags for your posts
  • Hearts are also a great way to show off the valentine’s spirit

10. Go live

Do you have a date on valentines? What’s happening in your world on this day? Take your followers along with you by scheduling a live event. This is ideal if you’re a lifestyle creator. Asides from it being a bonding experience between you and your followers, it’s a great chance to be more relatable. 

Of course, you need to ensure that it doesn’t run late into the night – especially because people would want to go on their own dates. 

If you’re sceptical about going live, you can work on a video and share it with your followers later on. It’ll be a typical day-in-the-life content. You can always ask them to support your work or craft by sending you tips via your unique tip link.

Pro Tips

  • You can test the waters by asking your fans if they’d be interested in joining a live or watching a video instead
  • Don’t forget to test your internet connection before going live

And that brings us to the end of our list. Let us know which one of these valentine’s content ideas you’ll be exploring this year. Don’t forget to set up your creator shop and a payment link so you can boost your earnings this season too.