If you’re a content creator, after getting a suitable camera to shoot multiple angles and versions, the next thing you need is a video editing software. Asides from getting perfect transitions, you might need to add certain effects and tell a story. 

A lot of popular content creators hire editors for their video editing because let’s be honest, using an editor like Adobe Premier Pro requires prior technical knowledge. However, for upcoming creators who can’t afford to hire an editor yet, you can use a simple editing software to help you get the best quality with minimal effort. 

While we recommend taking an editing class to sharpen your skills in the future, you can start editing your own videos with preset templates today. In this post, we’ll outline the ten best video editing software available and certain features to look out for when choosing one.

What Should You Look Out for in a Video Editor?

Just like every other content creation tool you download or purchase, you shouldn’t opt for a video editor at the first glance. To get the best video editor, there are certain features you should look out for. Some of them include;

  • Accessibility: Your video editing software should be available on Android and iOS. This way you can easily switch between devices or OS without worrying about changing your editor.
  • Free templates: If don’t have any prior editing skills, you should opt for a software that offers preset templates you can use. It’ll make your work easier and your content will always look professional.
  • Text overlays: You should be able to insert texts in different styles and fonts. This will help when you need to add captions or subtitles.
  • Transitions: Your video editor should provide varieties of transitions so that you can use multiple scenes to tell a convincing story. Different transitions should roll in with each slide of your videos.
  • Sound effects: Go through the video editor to confirm if background music, voiceovers, or other sound effects are available. This is because sounds make your videos generally more enjoyable.
  • High download quality: Ensure your editing software has a high download quality. You want to look out for editors that offer 4K, 1080P and at least 720P video downloads. Anything lesser will make your video look blurry.

The Best 10 Free Video Editing Apps for Creators

As a creator, here are ten free video editing tools you can use to edit your next TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram video.

1. CapCut 

This is an all-in-one free video-making and editing software that requires little or no experience to operate. 

It accepts special features like text-to-speech because it understands different languages. It also allows you to add effects to different layers in your videos.

You can add clips, trim clips, reverse clips, adjust values, control speed, and attach stickers to them. It has a sound system that contains different background kinds of music that will give you a chance to select the perfect one for your clip.

CapCut also supports keyframe editing, picture-in-picture function, and slow motion among others. When you have finally edited your videos and you want to share them on other social media platforms, especially TikTok, click on the export button and it offers multiple download or share options.

2. InShot

This is a free photo and video editing app that helps you improve the quality of your photos and videos. 


When you edit videos on InShot, you can add stickers, animations, effects, and music for backgrounds – either from the app list or from your playlists. You can also add emojis and text to each slide of your clip depending on your choice.

If your video was recorded in a vertical format, for instance, you can centralize or enlarge the video or create a pretty blur image behind it.

InShot is a great way to improve your video quality because in the end, once you click on save, it gives you the option to select the quality you want to use. Once you are done, it saves on your device memory and you can also share to any social media channel of your choice.

3. iMovie 

This is unique from other video editing software because it’s designed specifically for iOS users. iMovie also comes preinstalled on iOS devices so you don’t need to download it if you already have one. It is mainly created for inexperienced editors who want to create high-quality videos with a simple device like their phone. 

iMovie can be used to insert titles, voiceovers, music, and photos into your home clips. It also supports 4k on a modern system and it integrates beautifully with the Apple ecosystem. You can save your clips to the iCloud drive or stream them to Apple Tv via Airplay.

4. KineMaster 

This is one of the best video editors you should try out. It has a multiple-layer timeline editing with support for multiple layers of video, images, and texts. It also supports multi-track audio which allows users to easily add voiceovers or background music of their choice. 

This video editing software contains features like trim, cut, Color LUT filters, 3D transitions, precise audio controls, and many more. It has amazing features and like other editors, videos can be shared across social media networks.

The major downside to this option is that videos created with the free version carry a watermark that can be removed once you subscribe.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush 

This is a free video editing software for PC and mobile. Asides from editing, you can shoot and share high-quality videos. It’s one of the top Youtube videos editor available today.

rush video editing software

It allows you to add a perfect transition of your choice using the drag-and-drop function, and customize titles using your desired templates among the numerous available ones. We love that you can also use this video editor online.

You can also adjust speed by using professional speed control and you can also add audio and voiceovers to your video if necessary. Choose to download it on your device or share to your social media channels.

6. Typito 

This is a drag-and-drop free online video editor. It is unique because it helps in adding a branded banner to your videos. This makes it easier for viewers to recognize any of your videos on social media.

You can also use Typito to insert text overlay on videos, merge videos, split videos, add audio, and share the finished version online. Typito allows you to resize your video in seven different sizes with just a click. Just like KineMaster, it also has a watermark that can be removed once you switch to the premium(paid) version.

7. VivaVideo

This is a free-to-use video editor with high-end features. It comes with a lot of basic features as well as advanced features. 

viva video

This editing tool can create videos from pictures, insert music into backgrounds, add transitions, insert stickers, filters, and more.

It has several editing effects like blur background, slow motion, increase in video speed. It can also cut and merge videos while editing. After editing, you can export video to any social media network with either 720p, 1080p, or 4K quality. 

8. Quik 

This is one of the best video editors for Android that creates awesome videos in just a few clicks. It helps to automatically edit videos by adding cinematic transitions and effects and applying beat-synced themes to create a quality edit.

You can also record, trim, rotate, add text overlays and adjust video speed. You can change video dimensions to either square, portrait, or cinema and it can be exported to different social media sites.

9. FilmoraGo 

This has a unique feature that differentiates it from others. Unlike some options we’ve explored on this list, this editing software does not leave watermarks on free finished videos. There’s also no time limit on the free plan.


You can add multiple fast or slow motions to the same video, multiple titles, and background music from your voiceovers or its extensive library of licensed songs. It also supports many international languages and you can shoot, trim, reverse, flip over, rotate, increase or reduce speed, and add text overlays to your videos on Filmora.

10. VideoShow 

This is a mobile video editing app for beginners that has several tools like text overlays, visual effects, GIFs, Stickers, transitions, photo filters, multi-track music, sound effects, and live dubbing. 

For quality videos, it has more than 50 combined video themes, 30 bespoke filters, and a library containing free, licensed music tracks. This app is good for professional editing and it permits sharing across social media networks.

The Bottom Line

Editing videos can get so much easier once you have the right tool. So whether you’re using it to edit skits, trendy challenges, lifestyle content and more, these apps are guaranteed to help you get the best. If you’re also looking for better ways to monetize your videos, get a creathor tip link for free today.