As a YouTube creator, you need to be creative with the content you put out so you don’t lose engagements or worse – your fans.

Unfortunately, every creator experiences creator’s block at some point. Within this period, you might be unable to figure out what content to create, shoot or even upload. 

In this article, we will be sharing some creative ideas to inspire you for your next Youtube video. We hope it helps you double your engagements too.

Content Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

Here are some suggestions on the content you can create in your next YouTube video.

1. Do an explainer video 

Many people want to learn and that’s why monetizing your knowledge works. An explainer video is a type of video that teaches people about a subject matter. The goal here is to educate your viewers on what they have little or no idea about

As a YouTube creator, you can create an explainer video about a popular software, your product, the services you render, what a technical concept means, and so on.

For instance, you can create a video about a particular video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro. Talk about how to use it to create a certain type of video, and its major features.

2. Focus on Youtube shorts 

Once you verify your YouTube account, it allows you to share short videos that are between 15-30 seconds. So, you can start uploading your short videos like Instagram Reels, and Tiktok clips to get the same traction on Youtube. 

You can even do a short extraction from a longer Youtube video you are working on to give your audience an idea of what to expect.

3. A workout routine 

Some so many people would like to start working out – whether at home or a nearby gym. Like most beginners, they’d turn to Youtube for demo videos. This is why we recommend filming workout videos. 

If you are good at any sport, you have a headstart. Creating with everything. It could be a video of the exercises you perform regularly, or a hack you noticed in the gym and wants your viewers to try.

Create playlists for each of these workouts and your audience will learn especially those that want to stay physically fit. 

4. A recap of all the social media trends in the previous week

You need to match their interests and the best way to do this is to update them about trending topics. So this could be trending songs, videos, news, events, products, makeup hacks and so on.

If you are a dance creator, for example, you can create a video that compiles all the trending dance routines for the week on social media.

5. Reviews 

You could also create a video of you reviewing things or places. For example, you could visit a new restaurant to review the food and service in your video. This could extend to reviewing movies, beauty products, and anything really. As long as it fits into your niche. 

You can also encourage your viewers to explore this too and leave their reviews as comments. It’ll help increase the engagement on that video over time. 

Another example could be reviewing a tech product. A great way to start is by gathering the details of its features, advantages and shortcomings. Be sure to do thorough research before reviewing a product. We recommend compiling some of this knowledge into an ebook and selling it online.

6. A shopping haul 

As a creator, you can create content that around shopping. A shopping haul is when you buy multiple products and then show them to your fans. Think of it as a real-time product review. 

For instance, as a fashion creator, you can purchase a lot of outfits from a clothing brand and try them on for your fans. A popular one is the Shein haul. The goal is to influence your viewers to purchase that item too – particularly with your affiliate link.

7. Reaction videos

If you have top creators you follow, you can react to their videos by either supporting their views or adding more points to them. This is called a reaction video and many platforms are encouraging it through stitches and duets

When doing this, ensure you make use of the exact video title the creator used so that you can get massive engagement from the followers of the creator.

You can also create reaction videos to controversial topics or other videos going viral. Just be sure to keep it interesting by adding value through your contributions. 

8. Interview a guest  

Doing your videos alone all the time could get boring for you and even your viewers.  So switch things up by inviting a guest to appear for some videos on your channel.

You can invite top creators in your niche and have a real-time conversation about certain topics in your niche your viewers would be interested in.

As a baker who owns a Youtube channel, you can invite another baker to share their experience in the baking industry. You could even focus on why they chose baking as a career or their challenges in the field so far.

9. Create a list  

Create top lists of things, places, events, people and more in your niche. The goal is to educate your viewers while giving them solutions or options. 

For example, as a travel blogger, you can create a video on the “Top 10 places to visit during summer holidays”. A beauty blogger can also create a video with the title” Top 10 spots removal solutions”

If you’re creative about it, you will get amazing feedback, especially from those who will be willing to try out the content in the video. This can make you a thought leader in your industry. 

10. Facts about yourself

As a creator, your audience should be able to know a few things about you. You should not only talk about your products or other business-related content but try to be more vulnerable. 

For example, you can create a video titled, ” 3 facts you don’t know about me”. In this video, you can talk about some of your favourite things, places, or even people.

Doing this will help build a better relationship between you and your followers because they can connect with you on a more human level.


This brings us to the end of our list of content ideas you can explore. At the end of the day, you’re on Youtube to share helpful content and make money while doing it. So, we recommend creating a custom tip link to receive donations, free tips and more from your audience.

Don’t forget to share this post with content creators in your circle. Let us know which idea you’ll love to try out first too.